Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Alternative Christmas Message

Christmas always reminds me that one day I would like to have kids. I’d like to bring back the magic of it all. Remember the sleepless nights on Christmas eve? Genuinely spending hours flicking through catalogues preparing your letters to Santa and forcing your eyes to sleep. I miss that feeling of Christmas. I know I’ll never be like that myself again but I can’t wait to help play the role for my own kids. I won’t even mind them waking me up at 5am asking to open presents while I am still nursing the effects of Santa’s brandy. 

At my age, as someone who hasn’t started their own family, Christmas gets more and more like another day where the family are forced to spend time together because society says so. There is a kind of loop where you enter it as a kid completely under Santa’s spell  but then after a while the 25th just misses something and you don’t really get it back until you go full circle and have to play that role for your own kids. Most of you who know me well know that Christmas has never been that big a deal in our house and that might be the reason my opinion is slightly biased. I understand some people my age are still as excited about Christmas day as they were when they were 5 years old and kudos to their families for obviously having a healthy relationship with both alcohol and each other, either that or they just get spoilt rotten ever year. 

However you have to admit, Christmas is becoming more of a social event than a religious celebration. I am in no way religious so I am not calling for the end of Christmas: l personally can’t wait to host my own one day. You all may think of me as someone that thinks the idea of a settled life is petrifying but there is that side of me that can't wait to have a garden, a huge kitchen and some dogs. I can’t wait until I am older I can have everyone I love under one roof (however, I know that is an impossible task for me), cook them a lovely meal and get very jolly on mulled wine as we sit round to watch Dr Who. This is not just including my own family but also the families of my closest friends as they often know me better and I often consider these people as much part of my family as I do my blood relatives.  Although (other than with food), I’ve never been a fan of the excessive nature of Christmas that fills up my news feed with people taking photos of their new car using their brand new iPad. In my eyes not even food should be allowed to be spoilt, let alone people. A few modest gifts are fine but spending hundreds, even thousands of pounds on almost any present is madness to me. 

As nice as it is to have an annual excuse to get everyone together (assuming you all get on) I just hope the magic doesn’t get lost before I have a chance to be the magician myself. I fear that with the new internet generation, belief in Santa will die out completely. Thinking about it believing in Santa is like another strange religious aspect of Christmas. As a child you can’t explain how it all happens, you just can’t as a child’s brain is fuelled by magic, but you still believe he’s come for a visit. It’s only when you start to question this “magic” do you doubt yourself and start asking other kids in the playground. Either that or some loud mouth kid ruins it for everyone. Nowadays though, kids can just search the internet and find out for themselves. Although their parents wallets will no doubt be relieved at this point. However, even without the mystical figures that are behind the modern celebrations of Christmas, it is one of the best times of year to have everyone together - the middle of December when the weather is no doubt making everyone feel shite, surely that is reason enough for a get together?