Monday, August 19, 2013

Ville de Québec - Jour en

On day one I only had one solid part of my plan and that was to go and have crêpes for breakfast at casse-crêpe Brenton. I was sitting there with my 'perfectly' practised French sentences but I was pretty shocked -and somewhat disappointed- that the waitress started talking to me in English. Mais le chocolat crêpes aux bananes c'est tres bien! So much so that when Fernanda arrived I ordered a second - Quebec is not good for my arteries!

We left the crêperie and started out walk around the town. We started by walking around the fortifications around the old town which gave some decent views of the city - be it the greyer side. As you follow the wall round it takes to to the citadel- which we didn't even dare enquire about the entrance fees- which had a nice board-walk dancing along the cliff edge above basse-ville. The board-walk takes you through aerial trees with glimpses of the river before opening up to another Fairmont Hotel. Fairmont is a Canadian based company - hence why their hotels are all over the place and seem to become the most photographed thing in each town.

Fernanda awed at the overall beauty while I couldn't help compare to the palaces and quaintness of Europe. We headed up Rue St Louis which was crammed with souvenir shops and pricey restaurants and although we thought we'd gone down another unknown street we actually looped back to the hostel. We started just playing a guessing game turning down any street we felt like and enjoyed getting somewhat lost in Quebec.

As we looped back to Rue St Jean and the sun came out so everything was looking very pretty. Rue St Jean was much longer than we'd initially realised and was full of numerous boutiques and quaint little cafés.  We looped down Grand Allee then past the theatre and Rue St Clements which had a foodie haven air about it. Grand Allee was home to Plaines d'Abraham and the Parliment buildings where we took a well earned rest by the fountains before returning to the hotel.

We had a lazy few hours before heading out to the pub with Lia but first we went on a walk around town during the night. It was very atmospheric with a man on the street corner playing a saxophone - best of all he was playing 'New York, New York' of all things. We went to Saint Alexandre which was one of Quebec city's most famous pubs - which is ironically an English pub and the other famous one is Irish. Saint Alexandre also must be one of Quebec's most expensive as one blanche de chambly cost $9! We had a really nice conversation and I kept forgetting that these girls were older than me and had seen a lot. I was getting really sleepy so headed back while those two went off and had a crazy night - I wish I could have mustered the energy!

We were joined in the hostel room by two friendly Chinese girls who were- again, surprisingly- 30 and had lived in Winnepeg for 10 years so had amazing English! My sleep that night was pretty bad though as the hostel seemed to be full of hyperactive school kids who LOVED throwing their luggage down the stairs at odd times of night.

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