Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ville de Quebec - Jour Deux

From having lots of lovely people in my room I was suddenly all by myself again. In the morning Lia and I tried the hostel breakfast which provided an impressive carb-fest for £5. Everyone was out by 11am and I didn't want to hang around in the room for long. Thankfully due to a skype date with my cousin and the hostel's dodgy wifi I headed out. I started off in Starbucks but it turned out to be the only starbucks in the world without wifi. I resorted to Tim Hortons where I absolutely failed to order a single hot chocolate in French. It was going well...

I sat down for an hour long skype with Maria where she updated me on her adventures paralleling my own from last year. I've taught her well! It was so nice to talk to someone from home at this point as I was actually starting to get homesick. As nice as meeting new people is, it can get tiring; saying the same things over and over again and it was quite nice to just relax.

After chatting to my cousin I met up with Fernanda again as she had time to kill before until her train. We went and got some crêpes before heading to the station. We sat chatting for an hour or so - it's lovely befriending strangers and especially ones that remind me of how people are in Brazil. 

After leaving the station I decided to have a quiet evening just catching up with my journal and enjoying time to myself. One of the younger German girls from the first day took pity on me and invited me out with a bunch of them but deep down I just wasn't feeling it and couldn't really afford beer in Quebec!

I went a walk a night to the lower town (Basse Ville) which is the really nice old part of Quebec with little windy streets - much like Stromness. At night it was beautifully lit up and completely empty and instead of the smell of grass after a rain - Quebec smells like patisseries

After a nice walk and some lovely photos in my arsenal I went back to my room and scribbled into my journal. There were some new people in my room but they weren't nearly as sociable as the previous occupants. I fell asleep with my ipod o

n and woke up the next day with it still playing - the deep sleep I had obviously needed.

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