Saturday, August 17, 2013

Toronto - Ottawa

So another day on the bus but the gig last night was so wonderful it made it completely worth it. I was a bit more rushed getting to the bus so I ended up being put on the THIRD replacement bus but I started chatting to a nice girl called Christie from Toronto and the trip passed fairly quickly. It helped that we ended up getting one of the new modern Greyhounds which had piles of legroom and free wifi - this did mean I was catching up with all the Eurovision chat which I was not-so-secretly gutted to be missing.

I arrived back in Ottawa at about 4pm and the heat was incredible - I hadn't noticed having been on the bus all day. The walk back to Dean's caused my skinny jeans and skin to fuse together! When I got back his garden was full of arty looking people doing arty looking things in preparation for the music festival Dean runs (Manifesting Magic). I was quickly recruited  to cut out butterlies from fabric or paint wooden ones. Another couchsurfer called Christina arrived as a stop off on her biking adventure across Eastern Canada. We sat and painted butterflies for hours - I felt like a child again just being unleashed with a paintbrush, so naturally most of the paint ended up on me. Everyone I spoke to there was incredibly interesting and we didn't reside indoors until about 8pm and it wasn't long before Dean had switch on his hot tub and everyone sat round for philosophical hot tub chats that lasted into the night and fuelled with frozen yoghurt.

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