Tuesday, July 02, 2013

We Should be in London

The night was spent in a state of unconsciousness only interrupted with trips to give the toilet a not-so-friendly hug. Kyra and I groaned awake and turned on the Olympics to give us sense of cheer. However this only reminded us that we should already be in London by now and glistening pool water in the swimming reminded us of how we had expelled all of the water from our bodies in the past 24 hours and our mouths were as dry as Ghandi's flip-flops. The third member of Team Disaster (Emma) was still feeling fine so we sent her to get us some bottles of water from reception even if they were $4 each. I got a phonecall from Jill at the other hotel and we were getting more information on our onwards travel at 1pm but also the three of them were all suffering from the sick bug. In our hotel Stewart, Fiona, Rich and Amy had all contracted the bug making that more than half the group infected with Nairobi Express as I liked to call it.
Swiss Air were pretty good to us considering...

I'd managed to hold down half a litre of water and I was beginning to think I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I managed to drag my carcus out of my bed to the shower and even down to the buffet lunch even though I was still unable to stomach anything solid. At 2:30pm we were taken back onto the bus and I got to enjoy the feeling of being one of the healthier members of the team - that wasn't to say I still didn't need regular toilet trips but the dizziness was wearing off. As a final grand gesture, Dan managed to get boxes of food from the buffet for when we were ready to stomach it - what an absolute hero.

Orkney sure gets around! (Kenya)
Arriving at the airport was comparatively stress free but several members of the group were feeling rough around the edges and this time Keith was wheelchair bound. The plane journey began with Thomas and I synchronising our TV's to play the cheeriest album on offer (Katy Perry's) as we were ecstatic just to be leaving the ground. The flight was a blur of people being sick and although I was feeling comparably better I crashed out only to wake up in a hypoglycaemic state barely able to keep my eyes open, feeling sick and sweaty with tunnel vision but the in-flight meal came to the rescue just in time. Even then I could only stomach enough to make me feel better. I fell asleep over Ethiopia and was out for the count until half an hour prior to landing in Zurich. In that time Kyra had been a visit from business class and was now offering her seat up to others and the rest of the group had used up most of the sick bags in economy.

Thomas and I did find ways to amuse ourselves.
After landing in Zurich we had plenty time to enjoy the sleek architecture of the airport as we were taken to a transfer desk to rearrange all of our onwards travel. A flight to Manchester was offered for those wanting to get closer to Scotland so half the group chose that option while the rest still had ties to London. So the group was going to be split sooner than expected with Dan, Tom, Cameron, Kyra, Emma, Rich, Amy and I going to London and the rest to Manchester. Our booking was made courtesy of Swiss Air along with a hotel voucher for the airport Hilton as out flights were in the morning. By the time we got to the hotel it was 2am  giving us a mere three our sleep before your 5am shuttle bus to the airport. By this point we were getting used to sleeping whenever and wherever possible.

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