Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Campervan: Day Five. Trout Lake - Golden

Now the mosquitoes had gone to bed, I could have a look at Trout Lake so Gabby and I went out on a tranquil walk to the toilets - which were quite reminiscent of Kilimanjaro... Trout Lake was another serene lake site but so tranquil that no cars had passed us since we had parked up the van and there were more animal tracks than tire tracks. By the time we had returned Anne and Ryan had gone a morning paddle in a stray canoe, so the rest of us went and did the joyous job of going to the sani-dump. Although we were just dumping dishwater, it managed to regurgitate up all the foul smells from the last batch of visitors from last summer.

Back on the road we headed to Galena Bay where there was a FREE ferry to Shelter Bay across the Upper Arrow Lake. The ferry was identical to the Hoy Head, except that is was free obviously, and almost made me feel the tiniest bit homesick to be on a ferry. It didn't take us long before we landed at another trail called the Begbie trail which was actually mainly for mountain bikes and each section having rather colourful names - Sex on the Beach and 4play being the most notable. The walk itself wasn't really anything spectacular - especially compared to what we were used to- but that's probably because they were for speeding down on bikes not for checking the scenery. There were some guys who were obviously too rich and had too much time on their hands and had a remote-controlled helicopter device with a dslr camera attached to get a photo of the waterfall - optical zoom ain't good enough for some people!

Back on the road we headed towards Revelstoke and the scenery was getting very mountainous - you could almost smell the tourists again. The town of Revelstoke appears to be merely a giant truck stop in the summer although it is a popular ski destination in the Winter. We followed the trend by making a stop at MacDonalds for electronic and human charging. I was amazed to hear BBC Radio 1 being played in MacDonalds here, but not only that; Jameela Jamil was interviewing Passenger - my favourite musician- as his song had got to No. 4! I had obviously missed my favourite musician become mega famous since being in Canada!

Our hope was to do some trails in Revelstoke National Park and Glacier over the next few days but everything we had looked up ended up being closed due to snow - yes, in May. We decided to just stop at the Hemlock Grove trail which was advertised as being an 800m long boardwalk so we assumed it would at least be a bit clear. Alas not, it was still covered in ice! Although the Rockies are a lot quieter at this time of year - it's for a reason! So we completed the trail in our flip flops and aptly renamed it the Flip-Flop Trail and headed back on the road.

Before we knew it we knew it we had already driven through both Mt Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park as everything was closed. The drive itself was absolutely stunning with grand vistas and close encounters with Mountain goats but there wasn't much else to do other than appreciate the views. We drove on to the town of Golden which was a bit of a dampener on the stunning views we'd just had. The town appears to be an endless road of garages and motels but the 'real' town was below this highway. The town campsite looked pretty grand (well judging from the toilets) so we decided to camp as close to it as possible without being made to pay anything.

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