Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chunder Snorkel

After getting to bed, well Kyra's bed as she passed out in mine, there was a mere four hours of bliss sleep before breakfast at 8am. Today we were going snorkelling - probably not best for our fragile bodies and let alone Kyra's still drunken body. I wandered along the beach to the snorkelling office in the hope that Emma and Kyra would manage to fall out of bed and stumble along here. No later had I arrived did I turn round and see Pasty and Edina came crawling along the beach.

The snorkelling boat was a traditional Dhow and we joined another group who scowled at us for being in Africa time. To the relief of the crew and our already pissed off fellow passengers none of us threw up over the side of the boat. However we all had lost more of our sea legs than usual but there were plenty of places to curl up and sleep alongside the sound of the waves and gentle rocking of the sea.

We parked up next to a private island so we were allowed to swim around but couldn't actually go to the shore. We donned our flippers and snorkels and got an hour and a half in the water to play with the fluorescent fish and test the ability of my waterproof camera. Surprisingly, most of the boys went back onto the boat to do a spot of sunbathing while the girls stayed to be not-so-graceful mermaids in the sea. If you have a hangover and a lot of money I can highly recommend coming to Zanzibar and going snorkelling as in banished all of our hangover woes - well except Emma who added a bit of Scottish class to this paradise. After a few leaps off the top of the dhow - and leaps of faiths from bikini tops - we were taken to a nearby beach to have lunch. This was one of those beaches you think of when you say paradise with white beaches and turquoise sea. The crew had prepared us freshly caught barbecued tuna and kingfish which was combined with a dip in the hot-bath-like ocean waters -bliss.

The trip back to the hotel was relaxing for everyone as the sail was taken out and we just drifted back to camp. Well, this was true for everyone except Sara who made the mistake of saying she needed to pee and so had to jump off and awkwardly float in the water in front of several boats while she did her business. Also by the end of the trip I was battling with some pretty severe sunburn I had picked  up while snorkelling which was making it's way down the entire back half of my body.

After relieving myself with slopping on the cocoa butter we headed further along the beach - which was how to find cheaper food in Zanzibar. By now my sunburn was screaming and I had to resort back to my room to have a cold shower before crashing on my bed lying on my front in my underwear in an attempt to cool down my back. Typically, at that point everyone decided to come into our room for a chat but I was in too much pain to notice. Two hours later I got up from my sun-coma and thanks to an ibuprofen I felt fine so headed to see everyone around the campfire. As idyllic the scene was, everyone started to head to bed as a group of us were off on some tours around Zanzibar so had to set our alarms early once again.

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