Sunday, June 30, 2013

And the Travelling Begins... Zanzibar -> Moshi

After being dragged out of our beds at half past five in the morning we bundled onto a minibus and drifted into a calm world of sleep only to be essentially frightened awake at Zanzibar port with the chaos of immigration and boarding. Not really aware of what was going on we were rushed onto the boat which was more than full and we all sat on the floor of the upper deck. The boat ride was spent partly trying to stay awake and partly failing at that. I managed to fall asleep in a pretty impressive -yet comfy- position just hanging off the side of the boat. I woke up just in time to see some dolphins as we approached Dar es Salaam. Arriving into Dar you are always taken aback by how built up and commercial it seemed as all you see on TV from Africa is a mud hut and the cast of the Lion King.

We were shuttled into a dalalala only to be taken to Dar es Salaam bus station to be loaded onto a public coach - a somewhat luxurious experience compared to the rest of our transport experience. For example not only was there air conditioning but also a TV showing films but a lack of legroom that we had become accustomed too from our folding seats in the dalalalas. The lunch break offered a super spicy chilli for 5000tsh but only if you could eat it in under five minutes. Once the films had ran out we were given the joy of some strange Tanzanian Wife Swap, singing hotel owners and music videos with grown men bashing their heads on each others bums. Only in Tanzania. The view out the window was at least a lot nicer with the sun setting alongside Kilimanjaro creating those long shadows and the moon appearing at the other side.

My attempt at recreating the view with a camera
Our coach dropped us off somewhere in Moshi at around 8pm under the cover of darkness where we were bundled back into a beloved dalalala. We were taken back to our Tanzanian base, and normality, at Midlands Lodge and fed some classic Tanzanian cuisine for the last time. Since it was our last night we had to frantically pack and get our bags under 23kg and charge our ipods for the long drive to Kenya.

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