Friday, May 24, 2013

When In Zanzibar...

Nine o' clock felt like a lie in compared to the past few days but I could have happily stayed in bed much longer. After a fancy breakfast I showered which was entirely pointless as I ran straight into the sea. The weather wasn't cooperating much but even with clouds the water was tantalisingly warm and often warmer than the surrounding air.

Some of the group were heading off to go on a fishing trip with local fisherman but since I could do that anyday back home I decided to take some time for myself and write my arsenal of 21 postcards. For lunch, a group of us headed to a bar next door where we realised that the prices in Zanzibar were triple those on the mainland but the food was ten times better. Zanzibar cuisine is very seafood based and lobster makes a regular appearance on menus, and is not just crabsticks, cooked in curries with a coconut milk sauce. Back to the beach and I found a hammock to write my postcards while nursing a tia maria and coke. Ahhh Paradise...

In the evening there was a Full Moon Party - despite the moon not being full - and we were used to seeing everyone looking rather dishevelled and unwashed so it was fun to dress up a bit. Some people were already tipsy at dinner but my Scottish liver was resilient as ever. For dinner we headed down to the hotel restaurant which was on the beach and luckily we got a nice waitress who turned a blind eye to our not-so-subtle swigging of "water" and "coke". Even after pizza the majority of our group were in full "drunk-Brit-abroad" mode and some were even escorted to bed *cough* Jill (no surprises there).
Thomas' moves

Back at the restaurant there were fire breathers and some phenomenal dancers and strange Michael Jackson tribute act. Then they opened the floor up to us, probably not their best move, but Thomas' alcohol infused moves got everyone else in the bar on the dancefloor. The night was spent dancing to "Waka-waka" which seemed to be on loop, spotting a wild Cougar Kyra (if you get what I mean), crashing on - and off- of hammocks before finishing with a midnight swim. Well that wasn't strictly speaking the end of the night as it took until about 4am before I got Emma dressed and Kyra into a bed -be it hers or mine. Snorkelling should be fun tomorrow!

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