Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Campervan: Day Two - Osoyoos ->Nelson

We all woke up at different times and went on short walks around the area. There didn't seem that much to see other than the closed-down campsite but Gabby and Ryan were gone for about an hour longer than the rest of us. While we were flirting with the idea of being worried or annoyed they appeared after getting stuck at the bottom of a waterfall. Classic.

The View on our dirt road
Paul made sure we were on the road the second they got in the door and we drove to the town of Greenwood which was recommended to us by the tourist office back in Princeton. Greenwood was a small western town with colourful houses but also BC's smallest city and the best tasting tap water in the world (officially). Whenever a tourist information was closed we always resorted to the nearest bar or gas stations and actually turned out to be more useful to us. Here we found out about a mysterious dirt track through the mountains- the first of many unadivisable routes we'd take and not tell the tour company. We asked at the gas station if they thought we could take the camper up there  and it was a hesitant "mmmm maybe."

Grand Forks

It was at least an hour winding up dirt tracks that passed a disused mine, ski centre and several viewpoints of trees. This route was miles more interesting than taking the highway and dropped us off near the town of Grand Forks which my guidebook described as being "not very grand at all." It was right. We stopped at their modest Tourist Information and followed a trail in town and I, at least, was under the impression that we were heading to some waterfalls. However the trail finished abruptly after about ten minutes of walking at a small beach by the river which was at least a perfect place to have lunch. On the way back the camper we were rewarded for the strenuous walk with a sighting of deer a few meters of the trail.

Cascade Falls
Back on the road again we were actually on the lookout of "Cascade Falls"  which were a stone's throw away from the US border. The falls were a short walk up(hill) from the highway and as impressive as it was just to look at them from there we continued on along the side of the falls on a mini adventure. Our scrambling through the forest took us to a popular beach site as we realised there was a path next to our own trail. The beach provided a nice spot for the sunbathers but a pasty person such as myself would rather dip her toes in the glacial streams. On the walk back to the campervan we had some close encounters with marmots and deer before heading straight to Nelson.

Wild sunbathing

Nelson was highly praised in our guidebooks as a nice little town full of hippies in a picturesque background. However according to a local it only appears to be full of hippies as they are left unemployed while fairly right-wing conservatives get all the jobs. Nelson was mainly  just a wifi/charging spot for us but the hip cafĂ©'s from the guidebook were all closed by the time we arrived so we resorted to the mall. It's terrible how although leaving at separate times we all found ourselves flocking to the wifi at the mall. It wouldn't be a stop on the map without having a look in the tourist information and collecting more maps - most of which ended up as fire kindling. We parked the camper two minutes down the road at the lakeside in front of the Prestige hotel in the innocent belief we'd be there just for dinner. A posh Kraft Dinner and four hours later we were falling asleep .

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