Monday, April 29, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Gig -Air Canada Centre 16/04/2013

Back home in Scotland I heard that Fleetwood Mac were scheduling a North American tour and luckily it corresponded with my time in Guelph, Canada. I didn't know that I was going to be so lucky in that they were playing Toronto on the night I finished my third year exams.

The Air Canada Centre is massive, I don't see how anyone without ringside seats could see a hockey puck in there. Before the gig even began the arena started to smell distinctly like Marijuana making the 70's experience more authentic. To get a feeling for the audience at this concert - I had to get to my seat from a different door because the guy at the end of my row had "a dodgy knee." Saying that, by the end of the night I think I had developed repetitive strain from tapping my feet so much. Not everyone at the gig was old though, the hipster kid in front of me kept whipping out his Ipad and looking up Stevie and Lindsay's history. Bit late mate (also who takes an Ipad to a gig?). Another thing I think is a faux pas is taking pictures of the TV screens at big concerts, it's entirely pointless. It's just as bad as the people who spend the whole time watching a gig through their camera screen.

Now onto the music (at last), as a band you'd barely be able to notice they were in their mid-sixties. The range of some of Stevie's solos had to be brought down a range or two but the classic haunting tone was still there. Stevie would spend half of her time seducing the crowd and the other half holding a gaze with Lindsey. The classic Fleetwood Mac sexual tension that brings in the crowds. Lindsey Buckingham sounded just as he would have in 1975 and he had the guitar stamina to match. The ever charismatic Mick Fleetwood took every opportunity to use his chimes as well as some impressively long drum fills. He reminds me of a kind of drunken Santa Claus where he shows an adorable side bringing his two young daughters on stage and yet we all know he is a bit mental. John McVie was relatively shy as ever compared to his band mates but received just as roaring a cheer from the crowd. They were brought on for two encores and in classic Fleetwood Mac style they didn't seem at all prepared at all (sarcasm), with  costumes, light shows and special arrangements prepared - alas no marching band.

As a native Scot, it was strange to experience a Canadian crowd - in comparison they were SO tame! The crowd were barely singing back and only a few people where standing up cheering - mainly middle aged men rocking out. It was not nearly as insane as it could have been but I am sure their date with Glasgow will show them what a real crowd is like! You'll be in for a great time!

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