Monday, March 04, 2013

Lush Treatments

 I am a big fan of Lush back in the UK and I was very excited to see that there was a store in Guelph so I went in and treated myself. In true Lush fashion they treated me just as well with an epic collection of free samples of their acne treatments and an appointment for some facial treatments.

The next day I was accompanied by my good Aussie friend Jesikah to go get our faces pampered. Little did we know it was also going to be feet and arms! One of us sat and got a full facial while the other sat with a foot spa. I was first to the facial and I got a wee tour around the shop as the lovely sales assistant picked out products to match my skin problems. I got pampered with Ultrabland cleanser which is also a make up remover, tea tree water tonerr, a Love Lettuce facemask  (which smelt like a salad for the face so it must be good) and topped off with some Gorgeous moisturiser. I didn't realise it at the time but with Gorgeous I'd managed to sample the most expensive thing in the shop at $85 per 45g pot as it was originally made exclusively for Princess Diana by Lush's founder. The most annoying thing was it made my acne scars almost disappear instantly...

Afterwards I got my feet seen too. Here in Canada I've been wearing boots everyday and that's had a horrendous effect on my feet, they didn't even look this rough on Kilimanjaro. The foot spa started with just a soak with a Sugar Scrub bath bomb, which was like using my Gran's electric foot spa even though it was just a big bucket with warm water. Then I got a clay foot mask put on called Volcano which deodourises as well as cleans and pampers this was topped off by a foot rub using a bright pink minty foot lotion. It's safe to say I didn't want to shower for a while, you wouldn't notice anyway as we left smelling delightful!

Thanks to Lush for giving us this awesome treatment! You'll definitely see us again soon!

Oh I forgot to mention, it was totally FREE! So what are you waiting for head down to your local lush and treat yourself!

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