Friday, October 26, 2012

Little Gems - Covers Special

Maxence Cyrin does melancholic covers a bunch of contemporary  and often dance, songs and makes them sound lovely. Songs that are made for either late night thinking or Sunday morning relaxing...

I've enjoyed a bit of Stu Larsen for a while, if you are a fan of Passenger you have more likely than not heard of Stu too. I recommended him some songs once and he sent me a copy of his album. Great guy. Enjoy his nice wee cover of Mr Brightside too.

Daniel Docherty was busking in Dundee a few weeks ago and spends pretty much all of his time busking around the country for a living. He has a beautifully distinctive voice as well as mad guitar skillz. I can't wait for the day he has it all recorded everything onto a CD so I can enjoy his songs away from just looping them on youtube.

I have recently been infected bythe most infectous disease around, One-Directionitis. Luckily this dibilitating condition can give you some nice side effects, like finding this cover by the singer known as Tich.

I haven't been that big an X-factor fan in the past but I saw Ella Henderson's bootcamp audtion and I thought it was amazing. I love nothing more than a cover that is compleltely different to the original and she did just that!

With the recent Mumford and Sons mania with the release of Babel and the announcement of their forthcoming tour I stumbled across this little gem from Kate McGill casually singing my favourite old Mumford track in the bathroom.

Ray Lamontagne is a folk genius and although his song-writing skills are brilliant he can also do amazing covers.

Kudos to First Aid Kit for performing this track infront of Paul Simon himself. These sisters capture that spirit of 1968 for those who wish they were there.

Many people in the UK were impressed by James Arthurs rendition of LMFAO's "Sexy and I know it". Few of those people will know that James Arthur has Noah to thank. Noah's version is amazing and I hate LMFAO but he makes me actually like this song.

Friday I am in Love is one of my all time favourite songs and I didn't think it could get any better but I am a sucker for a stripped down version. Scars on 45 are pretty unknown in the UK, despite coming from Yorkshire, but they are making a name for themselves in the USA.

If Dolly was a heavy smoker, this is what she would sound like.

I just found this today and it is an absolutely beautiful cover of Robyn's Dancing on my Own by a Danish Girl's Choir fro Mariagerfjord , a small county in Denmark. I really want to be part of a choir now!

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