Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two Pilgrimages in A Day

After a wonderfully relaxing morning I was going to attempt what could be my daily commute to Wimbledon, though mainly I just wanted to sneak a peak at the site. The journey took a surprisingly long time, by the time I looked at the timer I had set when I left the flat it had been 2hours 42 minutes... However, this may be partly due to the fact a group of Americans thought I was their guide to take them to The Wimbledon Museum and continued to accompany me and ask questions that I had no idea  how to answer. Luckily though my gut instinct did me well and I managed to get them there without losing one, and I left them at the museum so I could escape and wander about inconspicuouly without the baggage of loud american tourists.

I went a walk around the whole complex, around the outside of the gate and I was already an excited little puppy. Who knows what I'll be like on Sunday when I actually start work. From the wall you could see Court One and Centre Court and when I coninued round I got to the compeitiors complex, alas I didn't see any of them. However you could hear them, the familiar pop of a tennis ball against a racket was some pleasant background noise. Around the site everything was being prepared, everything down to the smallest detail as a man was painting over tiny chips in the railings.

I wouldn't be heading back there for 2 days when I will be having my first day and induction working for the catering company behind the Championships. One of the other places I was dying to visit as soon as I got to London was a little café just off Oxford Street that specialise in Scandinavian Cusine. I found them after I got a huge craving for cloudberries (multe) which are native to Northern Scandinavia and wanted to know where to get my fix. Since then I have had them on facebook/Twitter and enjoyed their Nordic banter and being gagging to go visit them. Halfway up Great Titchfield Street it is quite difficult to miss their bright red front of shop but their punny blackboard outside will get you inside if not.

The cafe itself was a lot cosier and welcoming than I had even imagined with sofas at the front and tables at the back with the shop section. If you thought this was still pretty limited seating then not to worry as there was more downstairs. I arrived pretty late in the day so their full range of smørrebrød/smørbrød/smörgås was not there but what was there tickled my food presentation-fetish. I also couldn't resist some Kladdkaka which is a Swedish chocolate cake that has the consistency of brownie, if not a bit stickier, with a meringue crust. If that didn't sell it to you then maybe their nickname of "Crack Cake" will. 

The cafe has a ridiculously friendly atmosphere in everything that they do, so much so you could probably fall asleep there and wake up to breakfast in bed, or them all snuggled up next to you. It's not just a café though, it is also a shop selling anything any homesick Scandi would want (mainly cheez doodles) and a great place for a non-native (such as myself) to wander around and feel like I'm on holiday. 

Unfortunately I couldn't stay in Rose heaven all day and I headed out back home. My little adventures today showed me how multicultural London is, something somebody who has been bound by the rural ways of life often loves to experience. From going from hearing nothing but the sing-song of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian to trying to interpret some Spanish and German people on the tube. It's these little things that make me feel like I am on holiday somewhere (okay, so I kinda am) and help me enjoy even the mundane and simplest of places.

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