Friday, July 13, 2012

Ready? Play.

It's barely 9am and I have already passed someone with their head painted like a tennis ball. It must be my first real day at Wimbledon.

After my commuting fiasco yesterday I arrived with half-an-hour to spare but enough time to sort myself out and get a locker, padlock and try on my uniform properly. There were so many people on site even though the doors weren't even officially open for another half-hour, even though I think most of them were still in a queue to somewhere. On my route up the stairs to the rooftop I realised I had just walked right behind Sue Barker filming a link for the BBC of the opening day of Wimbledon 2012.

There were some new staff members to meet and some last minute new things to learn then we got the first customers in. Instantly I realised cliché rich people do exist and they have far, far too much money. After looking up the price tag of a centre court debenture membership I thought there would be only a handful of people with them, forgive my ignorance.

The day itself didn't have much to report, I spent half the day in the debenture bar and half the time on the light refreshments section for the "normal" spectators. Both were quite different, the people in the debenture bar were less likely to talk to you whereas in the other section everyone was interested in what you were doing. The regular ticket holders weren't so impressed on the Wimbledon pricing though and I think they could see me squirm every time I charged £2.20 for a bottle of water, still it wasn't as bad as £12.50 for a sandwich in the Debenture bar. Oh and did I forget to mention that I watched Novak Djokovic in his opening match during my lunch break? No biggie.

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