Monday, June 18, 2012

So the Adventure Begins!

I'm sitting on the ferry somewhere in the middle of the North Sea sandwiched between Scotland and Norway on a 7 hour trip to Aberdeen from Orkney. I have taken this trip dozens of times but this one is a little bit more exciting. I am heading off to London, firstly, to spend two weeks working at the All England Lawn Tennis Club for the infamous Wimbledon Championships and then a week after that finishes I am bound for Africa to tackle it's highest mountain.

Usually I am more than excited to leave home for a while but this time felt weird which was strange since I was going away for less time than normal, but I suppose since I was going somewhere further and more exciting than Dundee with a lot more thrills and miles out of my comfort zone.

The ferry sailed on out away from the sun and into the darkenss, something there isn't much of in Orkney at this time of year amd I attempted to get some sleep on the boat but that is impossible at the best of times and this time I had managed to set up camp next to Northlink's resident wild boar. A nights sleep on the boat (without a cabin) is never much more than just having your eyes closed for several hours.

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