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Passenger Gig - The Caves, Edinburgh 20/05/12

The Caves is found in the Cowgate of Edinburgh which has a number of famous gig venues and is notorious with the city's famous ghost tours and the area history as a river of sewage. The venue is a wonderfully lit little place lined in flagstones and with the tell-tale "underground Edinburgh" scent (anyone who has been on a Vault tour will know what I mean).
Mike Macfarlane

When we got there the first warm-up act was on and he was a very Frightened Rabbit-esc called Mike Macfarlane who doesn't have any songs on release, or youtube or anything but I hope this changes! Obviously proud of his new guitar effects pedal he did well to captivate and audience as the first act on, even using a member of the crowd as a slave by holding up his set list! He had at least one stand out song in my mind that he said was about Tramadol and if I can get a copy I will let you all know how to do the same though I am sure just asking on his facebook would do! 

Kat Healy
Following from Mike was Kat Healy who was a woman who seemed awefully sweet but when she came out with songs about affairs and lust you realised she was that bit more feisty! She had three people on stage with her and that was the most people on the stage at one time for the whole evening and I thought that perhaps less is more as the venue is pretty small and her voice got drowned out by the backing instruments at times. Still, her songs were really nice and she has a wonderful voice and she even had free promo-EP's to hand out at the end which is always a winner!
Robin Adams

By now some of the audience was getting impatient unusually rowdy as the noise level in the venue had increased which was a shame as Robin Adams was next on and he was ridiculously talented! It was just a shame people kept talking over him, at least he could have solace in the fact that the majority of people standing were still mesmerised. I recommend you take a listen to some of his songs on facebook as I can almost guarantee you will go on and buy his albums.

Mike Rosenberg
For a second I thought there was going to be a fourth support act, Stu Larsen who I recoginised from previous Passenger stalking. However after some guitar arranging he scurried off stage and on walked Mike Rosenberg aka Passenger, we need not worry though as we would be seeing Stu again later. Mike opened with a new song, or at least one I had never heard before, called "Words" and I got a taste of what it is like to see passenger live without knowing his songs word for word. He preforms brilliantly and this was shown by the silence in the crowd hanging onto every word. Mike has a repitoire of songs that any well-established musician would be proud of and it's like a treasure trove, whenever you go to listen you discover a new album full of gems or a new collaboration on youtube. Mike's gig was filled with periods of silence with intervals of uproar and applause, but he liked to prefrom outside the norm by coming down into the crowd and leaving the microphone and amp aside. I said that Stu would be back didn't I? Mike invited him on to duet with him on the track "Heart's on Fire" and their voices complemented each other beautifully. I could happily listen to those two sing together all the time, I highly reccomend you look up some of their duets on the old YouTube.

Stu & Mike
After Mike finished I was determind to head out and get a cheesy "crazed fan" photo and on the way I caught one with Stu Larsen as well. Now I can say I have met both Joshua Radin and Mike Rosenberg  I think I can say my life has been made, just Simon Reeve to go now!

Crazed Fan Photo :)

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kathy said...

i love the way youve written this it really painted a picture of each performer ..only just found out about passenger cause hes the opening act for eds north american tour im going to in september and im already mesmerized by his voice.. thx for this xx