Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Little Gems X

I found this song by Neutral Milk Hotel after searching the word "Aeroplane" on Etsy and people had made some wee things with lyrics from this song. It turns out this song has some of the best lyrics I have heard in a song all about being young and in love.

This song by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss is one of my favourite, what I call, Late-Night-Nostalgic songs. It's the kind of song you can fall asleep too and just reminisce. It's gorgeous.

Here is an old classic by the Dire Straits but probably glossed over by most young people! One of my favourites while growing up and I think it should be part of many life soundtracks.

I found Ivy & Gold when I was looking up Gotye covers and I thought the lady (Rachel Wilkinson) was not only stunning but also had a very nice, unique voice.

Jaymee Dee's song "Rules" appeared on The Hunger Games soundtrack, alas only in the credits, so she has began to come into the limelight as of late. I enjoy lots of her covers with her husky, bluesy touch. This is a cover of one of my favourite songs and I love it, almost as much as the original.

I recently finished John Green's "Looking for Alaska" and coincidently started listening to this cover of Kasabian's Goodbye Kiss by Lana del Rey and the song above on repeat. Anyone who as read the book knows that this was a fatal end to any eye make-up on my face.

I remember Charlie Simpson from Busted, and pretending I didn't like Busted at all when really Year 3000 was a tune. Here he is all grown up and a bit more respectable but still displaying husky tones and wonderful eyebrows.

I've known this song by Matt Nathanson for years now, probably thanks to Scrubs, and it is getting covered by a duo called Lilygreen & Maguire (yup, that is Jon Lilygreen from Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders, Cyprus' entry into Eurovision a few years back) and released as a single but I hate it when people don't realise singles are covers, so yeah, here is the original which sounds pretty much exactly the same as the new release...

Lauren Aquilina has been on the YouTube singer/songwriter scene in Britain for a while now and is known to hang out with the likes of Kate McGill and Orla Garland who have both made and appearance on here and it was about time I put Lauren on too.

I had a sudden urge to relive my childhood by listening to Jolene (as well as Dolly Parton some of my other favourite bands aged 5 were ABBA and Elton John, we all start somewhere) and I came across this cover by Jesse Thomas who has a wonderful mixture of a sweet, young voice with this ridiculously raw smoky edge. It's a glorious voice box. Oh, and she has a bunch of originals on itunes you should check out!

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