Wednesday, May 23, 2012

...and breathe.

I thought I should update you on on my Whirlwind few days I had back in the real world that turned out to be pretty damn amazing:

I had an interview for a scholarship with the Air League which I applied for on a "what's the worst that could happen" whim. The Air League/Leading Edge is a charity set up to help encourage young people to develop a career in aviation by providing information, events, scholarships and bursaries. After applying I never thought I would hear from them again, so obviously didn't decide to save the personal statement I slaved over while applying, something I regretted the day I got an email notifying me of an interview a few months away.

Tayside Aviation which is about a 10 minute walk from my house in Dundee and where my flight training would be, if I got an offer. Upon arriving at reception I was immediately whisked away into the interview room by a very glamorous woman called Kate, who was the scholarship director at Tayside Aviation and another man (who I regret to say, I never actually caught his name but I want to say Jon, seems like a safe bet) who had the money to be divided up between the applicants. The interview itself was very informal actually and they were merely just there to find out about me rather than what I knew about planes, and more on what I would do after the scholarship training. I kept feeling like I have too many other interests and they would see that as a deterrent, let alone the fact I had no idea how to fund any further training.

My interview was over in half an hour, be that a good or bad omen, and I was pretty on the fence about it all, I thought they might drop me because of my vagueness but on their little score sheet they hadn't written much but all that I could see was "v.good." There isn't much more I could do until I found out the results sometime next week.

My whole flat had finished exams for the summer so we all decided we should do something fun and in the end we realised this was mini-golf (since Dundee has neither a bowling alley or laser quest). We were also living the life of student kings with two cars at our dispense so we could head to Broughty Ferry, known as "Posh Dundee," with ice cream, fish and chips and a Beach to rival St. Andrews across the Tay.

Cars full and ready to go we headed north and ended up into a small town that I was more familiar with but none of us really had any clue where to go but instinct told us that if we aim for the sea, their will be parking spaces. By some Truman Show like coincidence the roads we went down were the exact ones to get us to the beach-side parking right next to mini golf.

The mini golf course took us back to feeling at home in Dundee, it was entirely made out of concrete and pretty rough round the edges, but as my first attempt at mini golf I wasn't too bad but the fact I held the club like a hockey stick might have something to do with it.

The sun stayed out as we took over a children's playpark, got ice cream, fish and chips and even had a paddle in the sea. It was a lovely end to my last proper day in Dundee.


My case of the Post-Dundee Blues was soon erased by being in Edinburgh, I could escape the realms of boredom of Orkney for a few days yet. I was mainly in Edinburgh to go and see the wonderful Passenger live at The Caves. I rave on about Passenger a lot but if you haven't heard of him, shame on you! He is one of the most under-rated and special singer-songwriters out there at the moment but yet to be tarnished by the overplayed paint brush of mainstream radio.

After a date with a wonderful puppy in the sun to keep our serotonin levels up  as we headed off to see Passenger, who himself admits that Passenger gigs aren't always a cheery affair - but I think he is completely wrong, it's a rollercoaster.
Daaaw, the baaayyybeee!

For my review of the passenger gig, see here!


Today seemed like a breeze in comparison to the past few days, there wasn't really a plan. I was going to help my friend Amy set up her exhibition on the Royal Mile (ooh get her). After a while though I felt like I was getting in the way so I went a little walk to Morningside to see the puppy again...

Usually I got a crazy route to Morningside via the Grange just because it's the way I know but the sunshine made me more daring and I headed a different, and much more logical and direct route through Bruntsfield. After some puppy time my friend Craig mentioned that you can get on the roof of his house, with the sun shining and some beers in his fridge it was the best place to explore.

We were later joined on the roof by our friend Dan who lives no more than five minutes down the road, yet managed to still be half an hour later than he said. The plan was to go out for dinner but we ended up just going to a Chinese takeaway. Today was a comparatively quiet day but in a way that's why it is included in my amazing few days. It was lovely just to sit in the sun with friends with nothing we really had to do at all.


Today wasn't meant to be that exciting as I was heading home to Orkney for the Summer but just as I was passing over the Tay Bridge I got a phone call saying I had been awarded the Flying Scholarship at Tayside Aviation! The psychotic grin on my face must have made me look like a maniac but, well I was feeling a bit manic! I couldn't believe it, from thinking I would never hear from the Air League again I had actually won the most desirable thing they offer! Apologies for the cliché but this was a dream come true. However this wasn't going to hit me until August when I actually go carry out my training.

 Luckily for me the sun was shining in Aberdeen and after a stop at Marks and Spencers for some treat Boat food I headed to the upper deck and basked in the sunshine and recollected on the past few days looking like a massive tourist.

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