Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Gems VIII

Everytime I show people this track by Benjamin Francis Leftwich they love it and I can't believe I have forgotten to put it on here until now! Sit back, relax and enjoy...

Here are Orla Gartland and Hudson Taylor, both of whom I have discovered since doing these wee playlists, in a brilliant little collaboration. Who knew Bon Iver and Eminem worked so well together?!

Jared Holdy is mainly known for his collaborations with Mree, who has appeared on here before, but he is pretty good on his own. Reminds me of Joshua Radin which will always win points with me!

I had to bump a song I originally had on here so I could put this one on, its wonderful.  Unfortunately that bint from Twilight ruins the video a bit, but it's the singing that I am caring about. Marcus Foster also supported The Pierces on tour so he fits in my little playlists just perfectly!

Wolfgang have supported some big name such as Florence and The Machine, Naked and Famous and The Killers but they deserve some acclaim themselves! This is my favourite song of theirs but I would also recommend "The King And All Of His Men."

I just discovered Station Sessions on Youtube (subscribe to them, it'll be worth your while!) and it makes me wish I lived in London! The idea is that they get bands to play a wee set in St. Pancras station, I am pretty sure I walked past them last year actually... Anyway Eliza Shaddad stood out for me, she has a great voice and style :)

I loved the sound of this song, called "The Busker", by Sion Russell (pronounced like Shaun/Sean). I do kinda like the use of the duet microphone setting but I think it would be just as good without it as sometimes it sounds weirdly robotic and a bit like auto-tune. However it doesn't take away from the fact the song is great and Sion has a great and interesting voice.

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