Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Gems V

My friend Amy introduced me to Deer Tick, well they were playing on her laptop when I first heard them. Apparently this song is in the Inbetweeners movie but I haven'e seen it so I can't tell you what bit of teenage revelry it accompanies, but I imagine it is the walking home the morning after the night before kind of thing trying to piece together everything that happened.

This is another find from my MySpace days for Priscilla Ahn is in the same circle as Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson. This is my favourites, my favourite bit is near the end as the song builds up to a catchy-folky  crescendo, well as  much of a crescendo that you can get in a acoustic song.

Lisa Hannigan is one of Ireland's many talented singer songwriters and is mainly known in the UK for  appearing on many of Damien Rice's songs. However in 2008 she launched her on solo career and has  gained high acclaim in Ireland and the USA.

Gabrielle Aplin has appeared on here but I thought I would put up this song from when I saw her live in Glasgow at the beginning of the month. This is a new song based she wrote after watching 500 Days Of Summer and its beautiful and a studio version is on it's way!

Jo Hamilton has an amazing background rooted from a nomadic family in Kenya and Jamaica but she gre up in the middle of the Scottish highlands. Her music is reminiscent of Sigor Ros, the kind of music you can fall asleep to, in a good way. She is also the first person to produce an album with an Airpiano; which is a "hands free" instrument for the 21st century. I am still not 100% sure how it works but you techno-music geeks could have a field day with this one.

Here is one of my favourite wee upbeat songs by Passion Pit from America. I discovered them through swapping playlists on spotify with my ex, it's a really good way to find some new bands and songs. Unfortunately with the recent changes to Spotify I have completely stopped using it, which is a shame as it was good fun!

I haven't been listening to British radio much as of late so I am not really sure if this guy has made a name for himself over here but he is big in Norway. Jarle Bernhoft is a Norwegian singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist marvel who uses a ridiculous combination of instruments at once to produce a unique sound. Definitely one to see live.

English singer-songwriter Kate Rusby has a wonderful vibrato quality to her voice that is beautifully haunting and can silence a room until you can hear a pin drop. She is one of the biggest female folk vocalists in the UK and one of the few folk singers to be nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize/

Usually I only have 8 songs on here but I had to throw this last one in, it's a collaboration with five talented girls who have found fame through youtube: Orla Gartland, Ebony Day, Kate McGill, Ally Rhodes and Lauren Aqilina. This is a beautiful cover and I am hoping to hear more collab's from Engage TV :)

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