Saturday, March 03, 2012

Little Gems Playlist II

 I am going to start by promoting some home-grown talent from Orkney! Being down at Uni I have kind of missed out on all the hype on Emily Bourn who has released her own CD filled with songs she wrote herself and most disgustingly she is only 14. I'd kill to have a voice like this let alone the talent to write songs. Again it is a lot girlier than my usual stuff but considering her age, it's all very very impressive and no denying she can sing :)  Her CD is called "Fate" and is available from Amazon, there aren't many videos on youtube but here is her song "Respect Everyday" from when she supported Matt Cardle on his recent tour.

Alex Clare is part of the recent soul revolution we have seen in the music industry over the past few years, as well as part of the ginger revolution too. His song "Too Close" mixes acoustic guitar, dupstep and soul but here I am giving you an example of one of his amazing covers.  This is a fantastic rendition of a song by rapper "Gyptian" called "Hold You" it is amazing when you get the chance to hear the lyrics properly and realise it is actually quite a well written song. I also highly reccomend "Damn Your Eyes", an Etta James cover which is wonderfully haunting.

This guy, Alan McKim was a warm up act for Passenger when I saw him back in October and this song had me mesmerised, I had to get him to email me the demo so I could listen again... It will remind any islander of home with it's all-to-familiar lyrics but it is a song to be experienced live as Alan performs each song with so much passion you can't help but get lost in them. There isn't a copy of "Stornoway" on youtube but it is available on myspace so that will have to do, enjoy.

Kyla La Grange's voice reminds me of Stevie Nicks: it's wonderfully husky. I was introduced to her by my friend Dian, we make each other CD's of songs we like 'cause we are so super sweet! Although British she reminds me of some of some of Scandinavia's recent musical exports such as Lykke li and First Aid Kit, which is by no means a bad thing! This is my favourite version of her song "Been Better" which she did in session for "Bands In Transit", which you may have noticed; I like, where they get bands to play out of a ford transit van around the country(see what they did there?). It's a great wee music channel on youtube, you should check it out! I also enjoy the appearance of geese in the background in this clip!

Ingrid Michaelson is a pretty household name in the acoustic/folky scene in the U.S. but she still hasn't got nearly enough credit in the UK that she deserves! Did you know she originally wrote that song about parachutes that Cheryl Cole R'n'B-ed up? Her songs have also been in Scrubs, Greys Anatomy and all the places Joshua Radin's have been. I have subscribed to her on facebook and she seems like a pretty sweet person too. This is her new single off her new album "Human Again" called Ghost which anyone who has had a relationship end too soon will relate to. I also highly reccomend her cover of Gotye's super popular "Somebody that I used to know"

This song has been around for years but, for being a sad sounding song, it is still one of my favourite pick-me-up songs. I link people this song if they have just been dumped to get a smile back on their face, well try to at least. If guys want to know what kind of things girls want to hear then this guy had hit the nail on the head with this one. Griffin House (apparently his actual name) is the classic sports guy turned guitar softie, saying that is was golf that was his sport. I think this was another Scrubs find but I can't actually remember, either way it has been in my music collection for years and will be to come.

The discovery of this song goes all the way back to myspace days! It was one of those slow days where you decide to search your name for everything and I chose to do song titles. Myspace sent me to Chris Holmes' (no, not the guitarist of heavy metal band W.A.S.P.) band page with this song, which is close enough to Rose. Turns out I really liked it, I was going through the height of my Joshua Radin phase and this guy had the same whispery voice. This track disappeared off his myspace page for years and I thought I would never find it again but a lovely person out on the interweb has uploaded it onto youtube!

For my classic this week, I am going cheesy with Erasure. Mainly because I got the full boxset of Scrubs this week, all 9 seasons and I have just finished season 1 after having it for 2 days. Scrubs was my Harry Potter, I grew up with it. The majority of my favourite artists have appeared in the series and it has had a huge effect on my humour, of which is Hil-arious. This is one of the stand out tracks from the 1st series which is ultimate cheese, but you love it. Turk doesn't. But I do.

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