Saturday, March 10, 2012

Little Gems III

This is Orla Gartland from Ireland with her song "The Ground" to do with moving on to somewhere new and trying to work out where you fit in, which is something all young people can relate too. Orla sounds like a lovely girl of the same cloth of Gabrielle Aplin with sweet songs about the trials of growing up, which isn't as moany and emo and it sounds.

Anna Shields was the first at on supporting Gabrielle Aplin and she was just as stunning, especially at only 15. There is a wave of really talented teenagers appearing and wiping the floor with the Disney Channel mush that has been clogging the radio.

I had heard of Josh Kumra a bitbut hadn't really looked into him properly yet, then I saw him live. Seeing him properly live was definately a great choice as it was totally raw and you got the full effect of the soulful tone in his voice. You  may recoginise him as the vocals in Wretch 32's "Don't Go".

I heard this song at the end of the latest episode of New Girl (my new favourite programme since Scrubs went away) and thought is sounded right up my street. Beach House mix french je ne sais pas and American indie, relaxing and perfect for listening to in a, well, Beach House.

Passenger has just announced a new UK tour in the Summer and I was just looking up he support acts as they have proved to be great additions to my ipod in the past. I am more than excited to hear more from Robin Adams as well as seeing him perform live.

German speaking nations have always brought me great things; I am a great fan of their language and people. Now Switzerland have sent me BOY an acoustic duo made of Sonja and Valeska. They are still pretty under the radar so enjoy them to yourselves before they get big over here :)

Dry The River are already making a name for themselves in the UK being played on Radio 1 several times and they are also playing a multitude of festivals this summer, and so they should be. I was introduced to them through a friends whose boy friend is friends with them (Dian is doing her job of publicising them) and this was the first song of theirs I heard. It's nice to see some actual rock bands around to mix up with the singer-songwriter wave, not that I am complaining at all!

Time for a real oldie form 1963 by Sam Cooke showing the real Rythm and Blues unlike some of the hogwash we get today. It's still relevant to people today without a mention on pimpin' my bitches and hoes.

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