Thursday, March 01, 2012


1,000 views! Wows! I'll keep them coming when I have a free minute!  "Leap Day" has been great: I got offered a job at Wimbledon and the Olympics in the summer, I got a box set of ALL SEASONS of Scrubs in the post and now I have logged on to this! More of the same in 4 years please!

 So in the coming year I've got working at Wimbledon and the Olympics(hopefully, still have some finalising to do, like finding somewhere to live) as well as Kilimanjaro and even an exchange to Canada next year! Plenty of wandering to do! Plus I'll get another playlist up for this weekend :)

A fantastic end to February!

Tusen takk ;) (you scandinavians will get the pun... and I apologise for it...)


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