Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I Freakin' Love Airports

Airports are great. I know most people associate them as being somewhere to hang around fully sleep deprived before getting to where you actually want to go but I see them as an exciting hub of stories and multiculturalism. The more diverse a place with many exotic influences the better in my opinion. Imagine a Britain without pizza, curry or hoisin duck, I don't think I could survive on just carrots.

Everyone in an airport is either about to embark on an adventure or have come back with a rucksack full of stories to tell. As we all know from the film "Love Actually", an arrivals hall in an airport is bursting at the seams with emotion. Even the most cold hearted of us can't help smile when a child grinning to the ears, runs and leaps into their Dad's arms.

It's not just the airports I love, I am fascinated my the machines that they have to thank. The aeroplane is one of those feats of engineering that still seems like magic to the majority of us. I like to think of air travel as the closest thing to time travel that we will probably ever experience. Concorde especially, you could get to New York from London in about three hours and due to the time difference you technically arrived before you took off. I would love to be a pilot, I think they have the best job in the world. As a child I dreamed of getting to go in the cockpit and meet the pilot, I still do to this day! Although essentially you are just a glorified bus driver, there is such a glamour to it that is so much more enticing. I don't think you could get a better view from your office window; the sky is always a cacophony of colours you can only see high above the clouds.

It's not just planes, I am generally a fan of all methods of transport. Be it the freedom you have in a car or the rickety romantic clank of a train they are all there to get you somewhere new and exciting, to reunite with loved ones. As a person who doesn't like to stay still, airports and train stations have become some-what of a home to me. Arriving at your destination is usually considered the beginning of an adventure, but I think enjoying getting there only enhances what is yet to come.

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