Tuesday, August 03, 2010

16th August

We woke up to the blinding light of the YL's dressed for "Rave Day" and we crawled straight into the showers to test out Tim's theory of a free hot shower. It didn't work, so we had to pay they whole 10NKR for the 5 minutes of hot water, which was bliss. The smell of herbal essences followed us through the campsite and my secret stock of shampoo was harder to hide than I thought as the boys started to ask to borrow it.

The day officially began with a meeting at 10am to assign us jobs to sort out and clean the kit for taking home. Gabby and I didn't actually get assigned to anything but to pull our weight we went into Mark and Stevie G's group to sort tents. This lasted until 12 when we decided to have lunch and then we were going on a bus to visit the Alta Dam. Before we left we got a group photo taken as this would be the last time the whole group would be together as a few were leaving today. Mark's goodbye was especially emotional as he had managed to inspire each of us during the trip somehow.

We attempted to get some of our reflective journals done but ended up falling asleep before picking up our informative guide. there weren't enough helmets for us all walk into the plant so we were forced to drive the bus through the mountain and onto the dam. Nobody had told us what we were actually there for so there was just lots of revelry and crude photos taken on the dam and it wasn't until we followed the labyrinth staircase to the cinema did we realise that this was the site of a cultural protest by the Sami. The cinema itself was the darkest place we had been during the four weeks and it was beginning to feel like a school trip as we all messed about at the dam and on the bus.

We were heading back to the campsite for a BBQ but on the journey back Steve and Tim overheard Tasha, Gabby and I's about the chick-o-meter and joined in, but as soon as the process of "laying" got introduced it all went a bit too far...

Back at camp Tasha and I got on the Rave paint, just as we were about to be evaluated for out Duke of Edinburgh Gold, it didn't seem to make a difference as they decided to give me the residential and expedition sections. I was more than happy with that.

Meanwhile we painted everybody else with rave paint as it was a long time before any food was served but when it was, my were we excited. I usually avoid hot dogs at all costs but it was the most beautiful and was gone in a flash as we had not had "meat" in so long. There was a little boy who knew Mike or something had tagged along and was called Ru, there were mixed feelings about him.

The last night had not major big farewell feeling or group reminisce. I got my antlers signed before attempting to pack in the dark but it was helped by me finding my glow sticks and head torches for Rave day. We attempted to get everyone to stay up but it didn't work as we got to the tent at 12. The mood was lightened as I turned my phone on and realised I had a voicemail from mum asking if I had landed in Gatwick safely... We were reluctant to go to sleep as we knew this was the last night as a trio in our tent.

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