Saturday, June 26, 2010

August 9th

IT was our last morning of kayaking and it was an early morning as we aimed to leave at 9:30, evveryone had packed up and were ready to go at nine, except ffor Mike and Reg who only began packing up at 9:15 so we only got away an hour later. Everyday we have had a daily leader and today it was my turn, I had planned to do today as today there was only a 1.5 hour dreach paddle back to camp, so there wasn't much to lead. We were all very excited to get back to camp and see everyone again from the other fires and the other leaders. Because of the mixed up tides recently it was a very, very low tide so we actually reached our destination much earlier than expected, but it also meant we had to carry our boats in further. The most sensible option in Alistair land was to put the two boys in the group of three and make all the girlls carry the boat in twos, Tasha had already been banished to collect fire wood. Fit Chris came to help carry the boats which was appreciated when carrying my hiefer of a boat. Reg made us take a cheesy group photo and an even more cringeworthy video of a forced group hug.

We still had two boats to carry in when the other fire came powering in like an invading army and the boys happily carried boats in between twos while the girls took the kits. Where is the justice?!The spray decks and life jackets were washed in the stream and taken to the van before we ate the pollack Alistair caught last night, the only thing he is actually useful for. After refueling we had to ferry the kayaks back up and the "strongest" people had to go in the middle of the line. Our "strongest" however thought he would be more use if he took all the featherlight paddles up to the van. He could nto be more useless if he tried, plonker. He also stole my shepards pie FOR NO REASON! Guh. Well, after that fiasco we gave the kayaks a sponge bath and began the firsst run of kit back to camp. The kayaking had obviously bulked up my arms as carrying my bivi bag full of crap was less of an annoyance, unfortunately the hill hadn't changed much. It began to rain on the second run and to the surprise of everyone we could see Callum carrying the stuff Gribbs had left for the next stage, whats the bets Alistair told him to pick it up...

We got camp set up in the rain and moved into the tipi where we were reunited with our hold alls and got changed out of our wetsuits. This instantly turned to tipi into a tip. After Ratpack dinner, Nahom came round and the amount of innuendo's increased dramatically. Gribbs then offered Gabby and I a bite of her mars bar, little did we know it tasted like petrol. The fuel for the stoves must have spilt on it, if I get cancer i know who to sue... The combination of Nahom and petrol must have had an effect on us as Gabby, Gribbs and I were very hyper and ended up being covered in crude slang in permenant marker.

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