Friday, June 25, 2010

August 8th - " Your burps are very Homer Simpson esc, they are beautiful but have a rough edge like a diamond."

The familiar stuffiest of the tent was actually a relief compared to the chill of last night. We threw our clothes on and went to meat on the beach to discuss today's plans, which was to head 12k back to Nuvsvagsfjord and spend a night there before doing the midnight paddle back home. For once, we were actually packed up and ready to leave on time however the rain also started to fall for the first time on the whole trip. Thankfully the paddle was lightened by cags, pogies and singing. We made one science stop but it was not kind to Laura and I's stomach's as we began to feel nauseous.

It wasn't long before the next campsite but the other fire had steamed ahead and actually pitched up and the campsite the leaders said we should have as it was easier to reach. Also, as a funny addition, in this final stretch a milk carton bobbed past us and I happened to notice that is had Alexander Rybak's beautiful face on it. Therefore it is fate and I must keep it as a souvenir. It was hard to get the boats ashore against the slippery rocks and lack of flat land. Camp was set up in the persistent rain and tea consisted of very watery veg casserole. We spoke to Nahom and Emma from the other fire briefly as we collected water but but was still greatly frowned upon. We then had to seek shelter in the tents for the rest of the night as it was decided that the midnight paddle would not be worth it in this weather, we had practically paddled at midnight anyway!

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