Thursday, June 10, 2010

7th August

Instead of the pleasant beep of Tasha's alarm, we were woken this morning by the freezing cold and Laura and Gribbs shouting, "Guys, the tents are flooded!". Naturally, this was followed by a procession of blasphemy as we saw our stuff floating about in the porch and our thermarest's were being used as lilos as I opened the porch door. We all frantically moved everything further in shore, we were not the worst off as our sleeping bags were still dry. Gribbs, Laura and Katies's tent on the other hand was ankle deep in water by the time they had moved most of their things. The tide was still rising so we took all of our gear and tents to a river terrace which was situated well above what seemed to be a delta.I should have realised that the presence of river terraces meant that the river rejuvenates itself under a high tide meaning water is flowing in from the sea and out from the river. We opened our tents up to air them out and once our kit was safe we thought we should check on the kayaks which also needed to be hauled up the shore, thankfully not at such an extent as the rest of the campsite. Next we had to decide how we were going to sleep. One theory was to use the remaining dry thermarests and sleeping bags fro 8 people by doubling up but then most decided to bivi as we had brought them all along just in case, now being the case, and suddenly the -22 degrees sleeping bag was a great idea!

We got to bed at 4am only to get up again at 10:30 when we were meant to get up today and Tasha headed over to tell Mike and Reg what happened as they had camped in a different area, which we were suspicious over after yesterday's antics in case they were seeking some sort of revenge... Turns out they were genuinely shocked and had no idea so after breakfast we were allowed to go back to sleep until one o'clock when we were woken by rain so we ran into the inners of the tents and literally just through the outers over and collapsed.

At 2pm, just like twelve hours earlier Laura woke us up, at least this time we weren't accompanied by icy cold water. We began to pack up camp as we had to make some kind of movement today and aimed to head out at 3:30m, but that wasn't going to happen. Katie seemed very dosy and was also feeling very homesick so we were allowed to take as long as we needed to make sure we were all fit enough. We finally left the floody fjord at 4:30 and were heading to at least bergsfjord. Gabby and I passed the time by talking about important issues such as religion, abotrion, family histories relationships, cheating and school, it sure made the 11k go fast as before we knew it we were at the headland we passed at the beginning. On the last leg we all lost our adrenaline and it was approaching 9pm but we had to find a suitable camp.

We camped in the same area as the other fire but had to "stay away" again even though they tried to help us pull in the heavy boats. The original plan was to bivi to save time and just set up one tent for those without bivi bags but that was only Gabby and Alistair and for her safety I was not letting that happen. It would be against the expedition rules anyway, so the tents went up. Unfortunately we pitched our tent on the bumpiest stretch of the coast possible... I had lamb pilaf for tea and chocolate porridge for pudding and found tasha an antler on a walk from the toilet, which was much more productive and safer than the usual ones... Inspired by one of our leaders, Reg who was planning to cook an omlette in several places before a certain landmark birthday that was approaching, Tasha Gabby and I discussed several things we could do...

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