Wednesday, June 09, 2010

5th August

One thing was on my mind when I sprang up at 5:26am this morning:"results today." When Tasha's alarm went off at 7:15 I was already out of the sleeping bag and tent attempting to light the stove. I tried to disract myself by going for a wee wash and packed away our tents and gear. The half hour countdown to 9am was spent eating breakfast. My phone buzzed at 9:03am and it was a dichotomy between wanting to know but too scared to find out. In the end I plucked up the courage and opened it and was pretty damn chuffed with 3A's and 2 B's. I got distracted and started texting people and phoning mum. Soon enough though I had to get back into BSES mode by helping take down the kayaks and pack them up before setting out to do some science work.

We paddled down to the other end of Silda and did a camera drop where we saw our first sea urchins which was very exciting. WE then paddles east to an smaller unknown island and did another test, but more excitingly, when we looked up, we saw a white-tailed sea eagle. it was amazing being so upclose to it and to appreciate it's greatness. We were across from the town on Bergsfjord which was quite bustling despite its rural location. Around the corner there was a small beach and we all decided to stop for lunch. Lunch consisted of a cuppa soup and a dairy milk, which had to be eaten with a spoon as it was so melted. Remember, this was a trip to the Arctic.

At 2pm we headed back out on the road, eh I mean, sea and as we did Katie managed to catch a fish. However she managed to sufficate it as she didn't want to bash it over the head but it took too long for Reg to come and do it for her. Should have just put it out of its misery Katie...

We paddled on down Langsfjord which provided some of the most spectacular scenery and thankfully the weather complimented it. There were a few drifting problems but soon the currents stopped and paddling became a lot more enjoyable as we came into the sheltered end of Langsfjord. We saw the opposite side of Oksfjordjokelen which looked much more spectacular than the side we had climbed up.

The town of Langsfjordham was at the bottom of the fjord and was meant to be "derelict" but as we paddled up we passed two passenger ferries and several small personal motor boats heading that way. To keep the "isolated" nature of these expeditions we stopped at a small coastal area about 100m from Langsfjordham. The other kayaking fire had landed in the same bit but Mike gave the impression it was forbidden to interact with them. So they stayed at the hill so we were going to camp on the bottom of the hill on the otherside of a glacial stream, just to make it difficult to speak to them. After disembarking at one side of the stream someone decided it would be a better idea to take them up a kind of natural slip pier. This was not a good plan,, Tasha attempted to walk over but didn't think it would get that deep and got soaked and I had to tow her in the end. Although the slip pier was a good idea for the first three boats it wasn't prepared to facilitate ten kayaks.

The evening began by setting up camp and washing our kit before cooking Katies fish over a fire and discussing today and tomorrow. I also let katie use my phone to find out her results where she did a clean sweep with the ones. Today I really enjoyed myself at points that I would have previously pushed me over and it was probably due to the good start I got at the beginning of the day and the fact that the one thing that was worrying me was over. I could now solely spend my time on enjoying the ride.

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