Monday, June 07, 2010

3rd August

Today we were actually going somewhere and leaving base camp and we began packing as soon as we were up putting everything into dry bags. The rice pudding, mushroom soup and pitta bread for breakfast suggested we weren't going to be eating for a long time, we were right. Before we left Angelica gave us a talk on the science work for this part and we all stared in awe and fear at the expensive underwater camera. Gabby and I got a special thermometer to measure air and sea temperatures in the fjords.

Everyone was 45 mins late packing up and it was a horrible walk down as I had such awkward bags to carry but the stars that are Will and Mark helped me. Another thing that cheered me up was a collie that walked past which looked just like Bonnie who I was missing severly (Notice how the "isolated" theme of expeditions did not apply to this one...).

There were more problems with lazy boys when the "strongest" "male" in our fire decided carrying the kayaks was too much for him so he would take some paddle. GRRR. The other fire had lunch an we didn't. That was a particularly unfair half hour of the trip for us girls.

Packing took forever considering we started at about 11am and only headed out at the back of four. Even still we managed to be short of enough rat packs for everyone. Gabby and I went in search of a place to change and found a convinient spot in a bunch of trees, next to the main road. At 4:30 we set off in our boats in a half-hour dash to the shop but still managed to miss it. Instead some people wandered further to the petrol station in search of real food. The rest of us stayed bobbing on our kayaks with a mars bar spotting starfish. We bonded with the other fire but soon we were going to go in opposite directions, i quote my journal: " WE HAD TO SAY GOODBYE. IT WAS SO SAD BECAUSE OF THE DREAD OF 24/7 CALLISTAIR."

A steady pace was set as we went along the headland but once round it Reg and Mike upped the pace and soon him and the boys were far off in the distance. Much worse than the "hard shoulder of the M25." What happened to the teamwork of the mountaineering team? We only landed in a fjord at about half nine and we were all tired and hungry. gabby put on the stove and Natasha and I took the boats in. This probably wasn't a good idea since we are both cripples. This proved true when I slipped while pulling CALLUM's stupidly heavy kayak making me turn on the waterworks becasue I was so tired and frustrated and they were hard to stop for various reasons. Thankfully I have made some really good friends on this trip who comforted me making feeling shit not too bad. Reg made me some hot chocolate and then we all had tea. Mike spoke for a long time and even then, let alone now, I had no idea what he said. However, Mike picked up on Callistairs uselessness and told us that "If Will was here he would sort him out because he actually does things we ask him to do!" Maybe this guy has an inch or sense.

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