Sunday, June 06, 2010

1st August (16 DAYS LEFT!)

The sun was a very efficiant alarm clock again and forced us not only out of bed but out of the tent. we had base camp porridge for breakfast that was actually worse than the ratpack cereals dur to the authentic camping stove flavour.

Today we were starting phase two of the expedition. Those who spent the past week mountaineering were now going to spend the next week kayaking and visa versa. therefore we were kayaking this week and so today was a training day telling us the basics. We were to meet at the staff camp at 9:30 to be briefed and then head down to the bus at 10:15. We got divvied out life jackets, spray decks and paddles and passed the kayaks down to the beach in an assembly line which was meant to be an easy way of doing it but sand wasn't the grippiest of all surfaces and the lack of male help wasn't great either.

For the kayaking part of the trip we were going to be seperated into our fires completely. Tasha, Gabby, Gribbs and I were not quite ready for this. It started early when we were split into our fires to begin kayaking, thankfully we got Mark as a leader so it wouldn't be dire. We also talked about Michael Jackson and mark came out with more facts in that it has been said that MJ may have had more memory neurons that normal which meant he could copy people perfectly, hence the dance moves.

First we were stripped of our paddles and told to use our hands to steer the boat, I think this was to show how important it is to use the rest of your body along with the paddles. Once they thought we were competent enough paddlers we got to kayak to the beach and jetty we were at yesterday but using the layout having a person at the front(point), at the end(Sweep) and at the side(flank):


The other fire suggested a kayaking race but since our fire was all girls I don't think we could hack the humilation and instead our fire finished very early at 3:30pm and gave us plenty time to wash ourselves and our gear in the stream before it got crowded.

Tasha, Gabby and I all went to our new "me time" spot we had christened "Reflection Rock" and has a wee snooze in the sun, which was probably because me and gabby had just spent the past half hour pretending to be superheros using towels as capes. Must be something in the water...

Tea tonight was a fancy affair as I still had some real food left from my trip to the shop yesterday. All of a sudden I had a lot of friends. For starters we had mushroom soup with croutons followed by pasta and bolognaise with real cheese. That evening Ruth was given cocodamine so she was more excitable than usual...

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