Saturday, June 26, 2010

10th August (Only 7 days left!)

Today was the second and last R & R so we got a nice lie in until 10:30 but nobody but me seemed to have a clue what the time was... For breakfast, we decided to open the massive tin of rice pudding and have it for breakfast, and lunch, and tea. I mixed it with hot chocolate powder and made something that resembled mushy coco pops.

Everybody was meeting at the tring at 11:30 to discuss what we were doing on the 3rd phase of the expedition and Mark attempted to emphisise the importance of Reflective Journals, a bit late now though. It was between mountaineering, kayaking and a cultural phase. The cultural phase involved a trek over the Finnmarks Vidda which is a flat plateau before reaching Kautokeino, which is one of the biggest Sami settlements in Norway. We were handed a sheet of paper with our names on it and we were to put our preferences for each phase. By the time it got to me it seemed that everyone wanted to do cultural but there were only ten spaces, the likely hood of Gabby, Natasha and I staying together was very unlikely, even more so that Gabby and I put mountaineering second but Tasha put kayaking...

We were meant to be meeting back at the tring at 2pm as if we were doing mountaineering we would have to pack up and be ready to leave basecamp forever at 7am tomorrow. However this was delayed until 2:30 as they were still deciding, great we had tome to wash our hair! Going back to the Tring was very nervewracking, Gabby, Tasha and I walked down together arms linked as a force. Mark wasted no time in naming exactly who was in each group. He began with mountaineering. Neither me or Gabby were named. Then Kayaking. Tasha was not mentioned. Somehow we still couldn't believe that we had actually managed to ALL get into cultural, AND GRIBBS?! Unfortuneatly we had to settle for Alistair(minus Callum) but I couldn't really care as I was on cultural and all four of us got on it!

We had a short and sweet meeting about the trip, but they didn't actually know much about what we were doing yet. The rest of the day was spent as an R&R day as we weren't leaving until Wednesday.

Everynight since "the flood" Tasha had been getting up at 2am after dreaming it was happening again. We devised an elaborate plan to make her dream a reality, but with a sarcastic twist: Gribbs and I kept Tasha distracted by writing the weekly blog while Gabby went to get the props for the attack, life jackets. As Gabby reappeared over the hill as a lifejacket tree the leaders were giving her a funny look as by now Tasha had crawled back into the tent with a sore head. This may have foiled the plan and so we smuggled them into Gribbs' tent. After tea of veg chili, Tasha still looked dazed so we decided to wait for another day. We spent the evening whittling wood and Nahom made me a keepsake wooden penis and Gabby made an impressive dolphin.

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