Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tag Zwei

Orkney had arrived in Vienna in all it's glory; wind and rain, the lot. Esti and I had to try and decide what to do, and I thought meh shops are indoors and I need some new shoes. Bad plan. Turns out I am quite picky when it comes to trainers. So dampened spirts and dampened shoes and hair we headed back to the house with the plan to make Stuart a birthday cake, a rainbow cake. Unfortunately its hard to find food colouring in Austria and we thought the dye used to dye eggs at Easter would do the same job. Not quite since you have to add vinegar(although i did say lemon juice was a suitible, tastier, alternative) and it is actually inedible.

Back home we were greeted by friends of the family and their young, very brave little boy. Esti and I had to keep and eye on him as he pulled a ladder into the living room and dangled of it. Turns out he is pretty good at it and had a lot of natural instinct so his parents weren't too worried.

We waited for Maria to get home before making the cake since she had a clearer know-how. In the end though Esti piled in the ingredients to make a mass of curdling slop. While it "cooked" Esti dyed some eggs So in the end it was a classic Macinnes flat cake with some odd sprinkles in it turning it skin colour... We poured the melted chocolate on, not really noticing how much was going on, and then esti worked her magic witht the rainbow sprinkles.

We got ready and headed out to Flanaghans but it was packed out as their was a football match on and so we passed the message on and the group had a change of plans and went to crossfields. The reaction to the birthday cake was not unanimous but it wasn't warming and this left Esti less than cheerful... In the end we headed back with Alex as she was leaving for Limerick in the morning. We headed back to the apartment and were going to have a chat and watch a film, but that didn't really happen, instead we just conked out in bed. How exciting are we!

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