Friday, April 02, 2010

Tag Vier

Today we did something new, we went a bit outside of vienna called Kahlenburg which is the hill behind vienna which offers a view of the city and some fresh air. We headed out quite late and there was a bit of agro about this but i would prefer everyone came with us and be late rather than only some of us go really early. Anyhoo we drove up past some very posh houses to a small place Baumkreis am Himmel with as it sounds has a ring of trees which represented a time of year. My birthday was coverned by the Esche (aka Ash) Baum, as was Maria's. We wandered into a nearby forest after investigating each tree, I see a theme coming on here. The woods were exciting for me, as is everything, since we don't really have them in Orkney, i mean you can't really count Binscarth in comparison. I didn't see any woodland creatures though :(

We headed further up the hill to Kahlenburg to the polish church which was nice to wonder in and always healthy for the architect in me. Then was the piece de resistance, the view itself. It was bizarre seeing the full thing in full daylight since i had only seen it from a plane, or from a ride at the Prater, at night. It was stunning anyway not easily described anyway. A topfenstrudel und Vanillensauce was in order along with the panoramic view and the sun. It was lovely.

Now we were planning to get ready for Katies and for some reason Esti trusts me a lot and asked me to cut her hair. Fair enough I do mine myself all the time and I think it turns out alright... But I have never done it on another person but it shouldn't be that different right? Well it wasn't really, the bad thing was; Esti asked me to dye her hair too. Now he handed me a kit of Blond hair dye so I don't really know what she was expecting... So it went a bit lighter. Well quite a bit lighter but it looked really nice but she HATED IT! No matter how much Maria and I tried to convince her she would not have any of it. Thankfully she was still planning to go outside with it and out to Dicks. Thats not the end of the hairdressing though. I thought "Hmm my hair's feeling a bit stragley, maybe i should cut it too. Shame Mum's not here to do the back of it in a straight line. Oh I'll just get Esti to do this." BIG MISTAKE! I forget that mum knows how much I usually like to chop off. Esti does not. Mum knows its one inch Esti thinks its 5 inches. Initially I was properly devesated because my hair has not been short since I was about 5 years old. However in hindsight it did cut off all the straggley bits and is in much better condition plus it gets very curly. So in a way I thank you Esti, even though I have realised there is a massive chunch longer than the rest that I have only noticed now.

Tonight it was Katie's birthday and leaving party at Dick's and all the usuals were there and all the usual things happened really. Had kopparberg, got happy, esti and Owen did their thing, spoke to stangers, chatted up by asian men and listened to live acoustic music. Fun times had by all. We even got a free lift home from Stuart. Success for all of us I think.

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