Monday, April 05, 2010

Tag Sieben

Althoguh I got up several times that morning becuase I had gone to bed so late I was very confused about what time it actually was. However I was up at 8 and ready for breakfast at half past eight. Our breakfast was buffet and so I had all the different types of bread as well as some nesquick to feel at home. Before we knew it we were checking out of our hotel, it was sad as I think we felt we had grown to love this hearty woman and the owner spoke to us in German, although he knew we were english speakers, which I loved. Like he knew we wanted to practice our German. Once out of our homely Hotel Post, the heavens opened and it was blowing a gale. Hopefully it will clear up before hungary. We followed the signs with the H for Hungary and after more vineyards and boarder towns we reached the boarder, which was derelict. There wasn't even anybody to ask for a stamp. Thats the only reason why I hate the EU, I can't get my stamps easily nowadays. We hoped out of the car just before we crossed for a typically touristy photo and then we were through.

It was bizarre how obvious it was we were in a different country, there was instantly a more eastern European feel. The infastructure just wasn't the same as Austria, the main roads were full of pot holes and the houses seemed more run down, however this just added to its charm in my eyes. I was glad not to see the same thing, I wanted there to be a difference in the two countries. After some mistakes from Frieda we eventually found our way to Sopron which on the outskirts was like any other city with an industrial estate and tesco, about the only thing I could actually understand, but near the centre it became more and more like a picturesque old town. There were plenty of parking spaces and we got one right in the centre, so it should be easy to find when we come back. We went a short walk around to find a ATM but when we got there the hungarian currency baffled us, since we weren't too sure how much 1000 forint was, as in could we get coffee and cake with this? So we took out 5000, turns out it is about €20 so we could definately get one. As we wandered we walked past a famous casion in Sopron by accident. The weather was a bit too much for us after these weeks of sunshine and so we seeked shelter in a cafe which was like a smaller version of all the viennese cafes but it had just a little bit more charm. The cakes looked pretty impressive too.

We decided to complete our circuit of central Sopron before heading back to the car. It was a shame the weather had decided to ruin our trip to Hungary but the fact it was Easter Monday didn't help much either. On the way out we tried old school navigation by using a map and road signs while Frieda warmed up. We failed miserably at this as we drove towards marshland but with the autobahn ahead, in the distance. Frieda got us back on the A5 again and northbound back into Austria, again nobody was guarding the boarder, and my phone said "Viszontlátásra" to T-mobile H and "Guten Tag" to T-mobile A. It was oh so very exciting. We headed along the west coast of the Neuseidler See and stopped off at the small town of Rust which is reknown for its stork population so we were bound to see some storks. We saw about 6 nests in a row of chimneys all filled with Storks. Aunt Var showed me a rundown building that she was planning to turn into a restaurant, with the way they are going they will have a chain of restaurants from renovated ruins. She then showed me the town square and the basket shop, which there is an injoke that she will comeback someday and buy a basket, and what better time to do it than now! Rust was another Austrian version of Stromness that is becoming a tourist town, weather permitting. Back in the car we got back on the road and followed the familiar route back to Wien. I must be bored of the scenery on that journey from the airport to Goldegggasse since I fell asleep.

Back in the apartment it was very quiet as now Meg had gone away too it was just the three of us(and the cats). It then dawned on me that I will probably have to pack. I did this after I had uploaded all my photos from our little adventure and finished telling everyone about it. It didn't feel like my last night in Vienna at all.

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