Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tag Ein

So you know how holidays are meant to be time spent away from school? Well not in my books! I spent most of my time in Vienna International School doing a variety of strange things. We'll come to that later and do this properly. My day technically started at 4am when I got up, turned on my light and thought it was a school day and had o go to school. A kind of semi-conscious sleepwalk. Anyway then I got up a few hours later when Maria was woken up by her mum, even though her mum had actually forgotten to waker her up in the first place, as she replied with continual groan of "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.......................Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum" After about 15 minutes I was out of it again until she began rumaging in her room, well I didn't know this at the time since it was 9:15 and I assumed that she would be in school and so I thought it was the cat or something. Finally, I actually got up at 11ish and attemped a shower. Their shower is well broken and to actually have a shower you have to sit in the bath and have one, its an odd sensation anyway. However, all i did was touch the shower and BANG everything fell down and I had broken the shower, two years ago it was the tap and now it was the shower. Thankfully it was easy to fix and happens all the time. Well there was the ridiculously long and pointless lowdown on the shower.

Eventually, Esti got in gear to head out and go outside for her first time in the daytime since Friday... Apparently the rest of the household wasn't as keen for us topping up on vitamin D as the had locked us in and hadn't left us a key. Cue a manic search for keys in coat pockets and in every drawer in the house. Thankfully someone else agreed that i need some vitamin D as we got a key and went on our way, to where though, we weren't sure. It is now when we ended up at school, we seemed to have timed our trip to be during lunch break and so we met Aunt Var for lunch and chilled at what is known as the ampitheatre in the sun for lunch. Then in some moment of insanity I suggested we help her in the Drama department. Then we were handed two boxes of textbooks and scripts to organise. Bad choice Rose. Soon after wards we escaped to the DZ but were just not in a shopping mood. It was bizarre, we tired but we just werent feeling it. The plan was to meet Alex at the school since she was helping to set up Bingo, which Esti had suggested we go to. The prizers were bangin' THE FLYER WAS AN IPOD TOUCH! :O Next we had to find Maria so we at least had one person with us who actually still went to the school but she is a pretty hard lady to find. We managed to convince her to abort homework plans and come and play bingo, if we went to the DZ first for a frappichino . Sounds like a fair deal.

We went for the full nine games but our bingo cards dwindled quickly as Andreas and Filip obviously realised bingo was the place to be and we then spread the fun around. We had our eyes on the basket of baking mixes since every year when I come we have a bake-a-thon of at least seven cakes. As soon as some little kid won this all enthusiasm was lost. It took a while for Maria to get into Bingo, probably becuase we were the oldest people there, and I know to you britons out there are thinking "WHAT? YOU WERE THE OLDEST? ARE YOU SURE THAT WAS BINGO?" Yes we were. It seems that little kids love bingo here and its also really loud there is no silence and so hearing a bingo call was ridiculously hard. But I think I prefered it this way, there was more time for mid-game banter. Anyhoo. By the final round for the ipod touch we all had at least 3 tickets and the hall was actually silent and by the end each of us were SO CLOSE. Then some little kid had to ruin our fun and win. LAME. It was one of the most tense situations of my life, mainly because an Ipod was involved not just a free trip on Northlink(oh how materialistic of me).

Back home Esti tried to convince me to go to Flanaghans, which i eventually agreed to do just to stop the moaning but we came back immediately since Man U vs Bayern Munich was on and it was packed. Well as we said it was a nice walk, made us and Alex smile, saved our lungs and livers and saved our clothes from another wash. So overall, a success.

Now Esti is asleep on the floor(photo Op) and Maria is typing like a mad woman, not doing her spanish though. Tut tut.

BTW - Max temp today was 20 degrees C :D

Also for Esti : Summary Song of Today - Love Story - Taylor Swift ( Ask her...)

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