Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tag Drei

Today there was no plan whatsoever and it took us a long time to get on our feet. Eventually Maria and I decided to just go a wander and I tried to convince her that we don't need a plan. She agreed even if it was rather reluctantly. It was a nice day so there was no reason not to just go a walk. We hoped on the U-bahn, not actually knowing where we wanted to get off at but decided Stephansplatz was a good starting point. From there we headed through streets and into quiet little backstreets and always ended up going in some sort of circle which was helpful. Maria managed to go places she had never been which is always a bonus! We ended up wandering down to Schwedenplatz and buying ice creams and sitting on a wall in the sun for ages talking about school and life and all that jazz. One highlight was a woman coming up and handing us roses each, asking for money, taking all my change, asking for a rose back and leaving. It was bizarre. But it was a lovely way to spend my afternoon and it was very relaxing.

We then headed up some nice old looking streets and ended up seeing the Holocaust memorial which I had read about in Higher art as i had studied Rachael Whiteread and so understood the concept and explained it too Maria. She seemed interested at the time. We were then more serendipidous as we stumbled across three sets of Ostern Markts and one had freshly baked cheese bread which was gorgeous! More going wherever our feet took us landed us outside the Universitat and the ringstrasse. We didn't really know which way to get home but we were pretty sure it wasn't in the direction of the rathaus, so we headed in the opposite direction. Now here is where we play the role of stupid tourists. We saw a cathedral and it looked like stephansdom, so therefore, we thought, it must be Stephansdom. Nah it wasn't an we walked all the way round it thinking " Woah its so quiet compared to the otherside!" Only to realise that there was no other side. After that epic fail we decided we better just give up and go on the U-bahn and get home.

That night we went to see "The Blind Side" and it was really good, the right mixture of happy bits and sad bits and we were all surprised to see it was a true story! The way there was very hectic as Esti was determind not to miss the beginning and so we had to rush and did miss a bit but it was a flashback so was repeated convienetly throughout the film.

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