Monday, March 29, 2010

Destination Vienna

Esti seems to think I write blogs all the time from Vienna, but I am pretty sure I don't but hey, might as well start! So far I have made it through Aberdeen even with my personal vendetta against it, and made it to Amsterdam. I thought I would take a wee gander( short walk) into the city centre. Now well before I had set foot off the plane I had decided to go on a quest to get some real authentic Dutch tijgerbrood. I thought a good place to go would be the well known Albert Cuypt Markt, so I hoped onboard tram 16 and managed to hitch a free ride. Now I walked all the way down this rather long market in the vain hope there would be some kind of bakery stall. None. There was no way I was leaving Holland without getting some of my favourite bread! So instead of getting the train I decided to walk back and intricately searched the streets for a bakery. Eventually I found one and ordered two rolls. Here was another example why the Dutch are the nicest people in Europe at least, its in the simple things they do like in shop transactions. Instead of the plain old "Ok" as in Britain they reply with "it's a pleasure" and "of course I can." It was a nice simple touch that goes along way with me. I headed back to Dam where it began to honk of marijauna and stag do's. It was weird, most people I walked past seemed to be English or American. After a good old wander about in awe of the houses, canals and bread I headed back to central station to get back to Schipol for 6. The best thing about growing up on an island is that when you leave everything becomes exciting, for example sitting on the top of a double decker intercity trains was like going to the moon.

The flight to Vienna was smooth and I just read my book for most of it. Again though I was surrounded by English people, the two stewards were proper english and it seemed like they couldn't speak a word of German or Dutch, there is hope for me getting my childhood dream job as a KLM stewardess yet! It was only when they dimmed the lights for landing and I could see out my window did I begin to get a smile on my face that wasn't going to be rubbed off easily. The view out the window was something else, the city was lit up and so miniture that the moon looked like a giant car headlight. My camera was pretty shoddy at capturing it unfortunately. As soon as the steward said "Welcome to Vienna" ( even if in a in a midlands accent) I got ridiculously excited, I was here again WOOOKMODSKDOKSNoksjinls. My bag was even pretty much first off the belt and so I was out pretty early. I scanned the arrivals hall and Aunt Var and Aviott were nowhere to be seen and I thought, oh god, she has actually done it. Aunt Var is going to make me order my own taxi and get there myself. I scanned all the men with signs looking for a bizarrely spelt version of my own name. But there was none. I waited a bit longer, just incase they came. And they did, sorry for the anticlimax there guys.

The rest of the night is kinda predictable, catch up with the cousins, watch Venus Willams play tennis is a ridiculous dress and commenting on the players legs. You know, the norm.

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