Friday, April 23, 2010

30th July

As with every other day we had a bit of a lie in but this time Rob woke us up as the plan was to head back down the mountain to base camp. We all packed up in record time and did a classic Rob "sweep search" all as the sun creeped up to give us another Arctic scorcher. Unfortunately, Mary deemed my bag to heavy so I had to do two runs down the hill, as did Tasha and Gribbs.

Back at base camp we caught up with the kayakers and were briefly reunited with our hold-alls, and our dairy milks. Before long it was time for Tasha, Gribbs and I to head back up for the rest of our luggage, and the poo barrel... However Tasha had yet another injury and so Gribbs and I took her bag and let her rot for by the side of the road until the boys from the other group headed back to help. There was a bit of controversy about our "boys" in our group as they did not offer to go up on the second run and get our poo barrel, unfortunately we were getting used to this. But sending Tasha back up was just a bit too far, in fact sending all three cripples back up was a step too far. Gribbs and I collected our bags and went on a search for the poo barrel, it turned out the men from the other group had taken it down for us. Take note callister. To top it off, my mars bar I had left in my bag had melted beautifully in the Arctic sun.

2 hours or so after leaving her, Tasha decided to wait for us instead of heading down with the men as she enjoyed a "chill" in the sun. It was amazing how fast the walk up and down the valley had become compared to the first day. Eventually we might end up like Mary who had just gone for a stroll but ended up on a mission to get a rubbish bag, twice.

We got back to Base Camp at about five and although we had thought tea on the stove might be possibility, we had obviously been too optimistic. Thankfully Gabby, Katie and Laura had put up our tents for us and sorted out our stuff. Eventually the water boiled. During our clothes washing session I discovered a permanent spot where i looked like a washer woman perched on a little rock. That evening I "Accidentally" went into the river for a wash. It was VERY refreshing.

The other mountaineering fire had a fire going(Haha) and a few of us decided to go over and investigate after our evening toilet trip. Someone thought it would be a good idea to try to cook rice pudding on the fire but as James put it, it tasted "cancerous" but this wasn't everyones cup of tea. Nahom lightened the mood by talking about a dirty "pop-up" poster he had when he was 12. Classic Nahom.

We got to bed at 2:30am and although the sun was beginning to set, beautifully may I add, but it could have easily been only 6pm.

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