Saturday, April 17, 2010

29th July

Again the plan was to get up at 6am but when we did we surrounded by fog and I could barely see Gabby next to me let alone the mountain we were meant to be climbing. The fog was very mystical and got Gabby all inspired as she talked about "the cloud" and although being refreshing it was not the ideal conditions for climbing a pyramidal peak. We got another lie in which was a bonus but it will be a greater disappointment if we won't get to climb and miss out altogether.

Before Gabby and I physically got up we spent a good ten minutes listing the pro's and con's of actually getting up. Soon enough though my stomach and Gabby's bladder took control. After my first muesli of the trip, which was surprisingly refreshing from the stodgy cereal start I was used to, we were told we had to pack away as it was too dangerous to head up the mountain due to the fog and rain higher up. We packed away our temporary rooms for the last time, I had to take the rubbish too, which wasn't great as when I got to unpacking it at the bottom, it had leaked a bit and there is nothing worse than garbage juice everywhere.

The walk down was a slippery one but I was more concerned about the tents. We were told we could leave our tents up with things we wouldn't need up the mountain in them. I thought, "Hey, I won't need my passport up there!" However I forgot that you should always keep such a thing in a safe place. The increased velocity of the river and the camouflaged tents made me think they had made there way down the mountain, passport and all. Alex reminding me that the nearest British embassy was in Tromso didn't help. Thankfully the tents were in sight and as soon as I could I ran into the tent to find my passport exactly where I left it.

The day turned out to be a lazy day with lots of clothes washing and sorting ourselves going on. Tim spoke to us about sorting our Duke of Edinburgh Gold and what we had to do and that we would be told if we deserved it on the last day. There must have been something in our tea that night as we got hyper and shouted "Night Boys!" (shame the wrong "boys" replied) and I think I refered to the tent as sweetcorn due to its yellow centre and green outer layer(see what I did?)

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