Friday, March 26, 2010

28th July

We had a leisurely start to the day today only rising at about half ten to eleven o'clock after our climb yesterday. Today was mainly a training day practicing out ice belays, bucket seats and ballards. We also tried new ways of travelling on the ice in particular the newly exposed blue ice on the surface. This included the French way: flat footed, the American way: one flat foot and one pointed foot and the German way: both feet pointed and you run straight up. The German way was obviously the most daunting but actually when you bit the bullet and did it, it was really easy and fun!

Some people did some abseiling but after the explanations and the majority of people having a shot it began to get to cold to have people sitting around. I decided to cook tea and I think everyone appreciated it being cooked on time and all at the same time... As a thank you from Gabby I got my first hot chocolate of the trip by borrowing her mug. Oh my god the hot chocolate was like a party on my taste buds compared to the usual foot. Especially because we put about 3 sachets in one cup...
There was a group meeting to discuss whether to go up the mountain tomorrow again to climb to the highest rock point in Finnmark. The general consensus was yes but a few would prefer to stay down due to injury. We drifted off to the leaders chatting away and getting rowdy, in particular Rob warning us girls to look away as there is going to be a naked man...

Oh Rob.

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